Increasing Leadership Opportunities for Women

Increasingly I’m inspired to think of choices when tackling both every day and complex problems by approaching them as ‘and/with’ problems instead … [Read more...]

NFP Act After-Care – Tasks after Transitioning to Compliance

With 24 National Sport Organizations (NSOs) having transitioned to compliance with the new NFP Act, and more organizations in the process of … [Read more...]

In Camera Meetings and Minutes of In Camera Meetings

There are times within meetings, particularly executive meetings, when discussions must be kept confidential. Such discussions are considered to be … [Read more...]

Thinking About Governance Reform? Here are Some Questions to Get You Started

These questions are intended to promote reflection on the concept of governance. They are by no means complete or comprehensive, but they arise from … [Read more...]

The More We Learn the Less We Know?

I have been deeply immersed in the Canada Not-for Profit Corporations Act for over two years now, and so have many of Canada's national sport … [Read more...]

Absentee Voting Survey Results

Back in June of this year, in collaboration with Rowing Canada Aviron, we asked sport organizations to complete a survey related to absentee voting. … [Read more...]

Lessons on Leadership

As a leader in Canadian sport, I have had the opportunity to experience many moments of greatness. Many of these early moments are related to my … [Read more...]

Who’s the Piper: Dual Loyalties of Directors?

The Situation A director of a sport organization is appointed to the board because of his or her position in another organization or because that … [Read more...]

Some Emerging Issues with Transition to the NFP Act

The NFP Act came into law in October 2011, with a 3-year window for corporations to become compliant (by October 2014). That window is now almost … [Read more...]

Risk Management Questions for Directors

Melanie Herman, of the Nonprofit Risk Manager Center, recently published her RISK eNewsletter and I wanted to share a great little excerpt. I hope you … [Read more...]

Less Than 2 Years Left for Compliance with the NFP Act – Some Thoughts on Plans and Timing

NSOs and MSOs in Canada have less than two years to make a successful transition from the Canada Corporations Act to the Canada Not-for-profit … [Read more...]

Idea for Annual Calendar of Board Meetings

Ken Davies, President of Alberta Biathlon and Chair of Biathlon Canada, recently shared with me a simple model for board leadership that he uses in … [Read more...]

Thoughts on Leadership

In December 2011, I was appointed a True Sport Fellow by the True Sport Foundation. The Foundation is committed to ensuring that sport makes a … [Read more...]

Snapshot of Membership Fees of National Sport Organizations

By Kevin Lawrie and Rachel Corbett. We recently published a snapshot on the voting structures of National Sports Organizations (NSOs) and we found … [Read more...]

Snapshot of Voting Structures of National Sport Organizations

By Rachel Corbett and Kevin Lawrie. We continue to help National Sport Organizations (NSOs) comply with the new Not-for-Profit Corporations Act and, … [Read more...]

Income Tax Act Revisions Impose New Requirements on NSO Directors

We last wrote about RCAAAs (Registered Canadian Amateur Athletic Associations) in February 2012, noting that recent changes to the Income Tax Act have … [Read more...]

Sport Leaders For Life? Supporting the Development of Individuals Working in Sport

One of our collective objectives is to enhance the capacity of sport professionals and volunteers so that they can handle recurring issues, challenges … [Read more...]

Sport Canada Introduces Governance Principles for Sport Organizations

Along with some other governance experts, I have been working with Sport Canada for some time on creating a prescriptive set of "good governance … [Read more...]

Wait and Hurry Up! New Corporations Act to Take Effect October 17, 2011

Industry Canada has very recently published their transition guide (HTML) for the new Not-for-Profit Corporations Act (NPCA) that will take effect in … [Read more...]

Is the New Federal Corporations Legislation on Your Radar?

On June 22, 2011 I had the opportunity to make a presentation on the Canada Not-for Profit Corporations Act (NPCA) [1] at the 1st National Sport … [Read more...]

Sport Governance – Some Thoughts on the Eve of a New Government

Lately it seems our website postings are preoccupied with governance and social media - whatever happened to the sport and the law? The reality is, … [Read more...]

New Corporations Act Creates Opportunities for NSOs

In this space we have written previously about the imminent Not-for-Profit Corporations Act (NPCA), due to take effect soon in Canada. Back in … [Read more...]

Raising the Bar – Questions Directors Should Ask

We ask our athletes and coaches to pursue excellence every day, and a recent article in National Post by Shaun Francis and John Kelleher (10 questions … [Read more...]

Interesting Snapshot of NSO Board Structures

Over the years I have worked with many National Sport Organizations (NSOs) on governance projects. These have ranged from small reviews and bylaw … [Read more...]

Case Comment: Alberta Soccer Association v. Charpentier (2010)

It is quite exciting to learn of a case that touches on so many important principles of administrative law as it applies to the governance of sport … [Read more...]

Hallmarks of Good Governance

An organization I have worked with for many years recently asked me if I could identify the hallmarks of good governance - the indicators of a sound … [Read more...]

NPCA is on the Way

In 2009, the federal Not-For-Profit Corporations Act (NPCA) received Royal Assent. We wrote about the NPCA in a previous newsletter and there is now … [Read more...]

Balancing the Responsibilities of Multiple Roles

Question: I am a member of a board of directors of a sport organization – my daughter is an athlete member of this organization. I sometimes hear … [Read more...]

Conflict of Interest – The Sport Organization’s ‘Achilles Heel’

Many times in this column we have written about a dimension of fairness – a concept that is central to the integrity of sport and also central to how … [Read more...]

The Seven Sins of Board Dysfunction

Practicing a Trade Without a License This describes the board director who has done no preparation to become better informed about his/her role as … [Read more...]

Case Law Comment: CURIE v. CGU Insurance Company of Canada (2007)

By Rachel Corbett This Ontario Court of Appeal decision from the fall of 2007 created quite a stir among sport organizations in Ontario. Although … [Read more...]

What to Do When 1% of Your Members Cause 99% of Your Problems?

Sound familiar? Although this topic has very little to do with the law, we are nonetheless often called upon by client organizations for help. Over … [Read more...]

To Coach or to Direct – Is There a Conflict?

Increasingly, we are seeing coaches become members of Boards of Directors of sport organizations with which they coach. Perhaps this is part of the … [Read more...]

Form Follows Function – A Governance Discussion Paper for National and Provincial Sport Organization

It has been my observation that the business of amateur sport in Canada has become increasingly complex and sophisticated in recent years, yet the … [Read more...]

Legal Liability and Risk Management: A Handbook for Directors

By Rachel Corbett. According to the 2000 National Survey of Giving, Volunteering and Participating, over 40 percent of Canadian volunteers hold … [Read more...]

Case Comment: Szecket v. Huang (1998) Ontario Court of Appeal

Court decisions are a critical source of information about the proper interpretation of the laws and rules that govern so many of our actions. Our … [Read more...]

Responsibilities of the Coach/Director

Our column this issue is not about coaches. Instead, it is about directors, and we've chosen this topic because a good number of coaches also happen … [Read more...]