Webinar Series

The SLSG’s “Advancing your Game Webinar Series will be offered throughout the year to sport leaders on relevant sport management topics including good governance, leadership development, strategic planning, business planning, event management and marketing, legal issues, social media, and communications.

Each webinar is hosted by one or more members of the SLSG on a topic of importance to the Canadian sport community.



February 8th @ 12:00pm EST – What to Watch in 2017

This FREE hour-long webinar will provide sport leaders with important information about what they need to know as they navigate the complexities of managing a 21st Century Sport Organization.

Join Dina Bell-Laroche, Rachel Corbett, Jason Robinson, LeeAnn Cupidio, Steve Indig, Kathy Hare, and Kevin Lawrie as they share their views on:

  • Coaching as professional development for sport leaders
  • Cyber risks
  • Financial literacy for staff and Directors
  • Dispute management
  • Emergency preparedness planning
  • Management of employees and volunteers
  • Internal social media communication

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Our previous webinars have focused on the following themes:

  • **Managing Risks: Your New Year’s Resolution (Dina Bell-Laroche, Jason Robinson, & LeeAnn Cupidio)
  • Covering Your Ass(ets): What You Need to Know About Insurance (Rachel Corbett ft. Nancy Au)
  • Marketing Makeover: A Live Sponsorship Proposal Critique (Jason Robinson)
  • How Integral Coaching© Can Support Sport Leaders (Dina Bell-Laroche)
  • Legal Compliance for Ontario-based Sport Organizations (Steve Indig & LeeAnn Cupidio)
  • Tips and Guidelines for Selecting Your Athletes to Major Games (Rachel Corbett & Steve Indig)
  • Risk Management Auditing for Sport Events (Jason Robinson)
  • Positive Change Management (Dina Bell-Laroche)
  • Human Resource Management – Avoiding the Pitfalls (Kathy Hare & Steve Indig)
  • Sponsorship – Identifying and Selling your Properties (Jason Robinson)
  • Risk Management (Dina Bell-Laroche)
  • The NFP Act – Aftermath (Rachel Corbett & Steve Indig)

** Indicates recording of the webinar is available. Please contact krl@sportlaw.ca to discuss obtaining webinar recordings.

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