Webinar Series

The SLSG’s “Advancing your Game Webinar Series will be offered throughout the year to sport leaders on relevant sport management topics including good governance, leadership development, strategic planning, business planning, event management and marketing, legal issues, social media, and communications.

Each webinar is hosted by one or more members of the SLSG on a topic of importance to the Canadian sport community.



September 28th @ 12:00pm EST – Marketing Makeover: A Live Sponsorship Proposal Critique

Led by Jason Robinson, marketing specialist for the Sport Law & Strategy Group and following up from his successful webinar “Sponsorship: Identifying & Selling Your Properties.” 

This interactive webinar will provide a unique look at sponsorship proposal ‘decks’ that are common to Canadian amateur sport.  Participants will take part in a live critique of several sponsorship proposals with the webinar group.  Jason will examine the proposals, provide tips to enhance these decks and share his industry knowledge on how to develop a professional sponsorship package.  Participants will benefit from sport specific examples that they can use to optimize their own packages as well as the opportunity to share best practices and ask questions about their own sponsorship tools.

The Webinar will conclude no later than 1:00pm EST.  This action-packed hour includes general sponsorship package guidance (common mistakes, how to provide value), a Q&A session, and the LIVE CRITIQUE of two real sponsorship decks!  Organizations sharing their ‘decks’ and their expertise include:

Ontario Soccer Association (OSA): The OSA is Canada’s largest provincial sport organization with over 555,000 active participants.  It boasts 30+ staff, including professional marketing personnel, and seven sponsorship partners across various category levels.  OSA partnerships include apparel, technology, program specific and event specific categories.

Ontario Cycling Association (OCA): The OCA is home to 106 affiliated cycling clubs and 11,500+ members across eight cycling disciplines.  It has 8 staff which does not include a dedicated marketing team. The OCA is currently recruiting “Team Ontario” partnerships to support its high performance athlete programs and its provincial events, as well as offering online and event advertising.

Interested in having your sponsorship proposal deck critiqued?  Contact Jason at jer@sportlaw.ca

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Marketing Makeover: A Live Sponsorship Proposal Critique
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Our previous webinars have focused on the following themes:

  • How Integral Coaching© Can Support Sport Leaders (Dina Bell-Laroche)
  • Legal Compliance for Ontario-based Sport Organizations (Steve Indig & LeeAnn Cupidio)
  • Tips and Guidelines for Selecting Your Athletes to Major Games (Rachel Corbett & Steve Indig)
  • Risk Management Auditing for Sport Events (Jason Robinson)
  • Positive Change Management (Dina Bell-Laroche)
  • Human Resource Management – Avoiding the Pitfalls (Kathy Hare & Steve Indig)
  • Sponsorship – Identifying and Selling your Properties (Jason Robinson)
  • Risk Management (Dina Bell-Laroche)
  • The NFP Act – Aftermath (Rachel Corbett & Steve Indig)
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