NFP Acts

Sport organizations in Canada are not-for-profit corporations that are legally incorporated by legislation. Federally, for National Sport Organizations (NSOs) and Multi-Sport Organizations (MSOs),  the appropriate piece of legislation was Part II of the Canada Corporations Act.  This has now changed.

As of October 2011, national not-for-profit organizations are incorporated under the Not-for-Profit Corporations Act. Every federally-incorporated NSO and MSO has been given three years to transition to become compliant under the new Act.

We have dedicated an area of our website to the Federal NFP Act.

Provincial governments are starting to follow suit. The Government of Ontario recently approved the Ontario Not-for-Profit Corporations Act and sport organizations in Ontario (PSOs) will soon need to comply with the new legislation.

We have dedicated an area of our website to the Ontario NFP Act.

The provincial government of BC is also planning to make changes to how BC not-for-profit corporations operate.  They are still at the planning stages of introducing a new Bill that will revise or replace their Societies Act. Comments are still being accepted on the proposed changes and the Bill is not expected to be introduced until early 2013.

We have dedicated an area of our website to the BC NFP Act.

Lastly, we have also dedicated an area of our website to NFP Act Resources. These are templates, reports and other tools that may be useful in navigating your transition pathway. This page is added to frequently so check back often.

In closing, each Act is different and requires different approaches for compliance. An Ontario PSO cannot simply mimic the changes that the NSO has made and expect to be compliant with the provincial legislation. But there are lessons that all organizations (such as PSOs outside Ontario and BC) can learn from this process. We encourage organizations to explore these pages on our website and learn more about organizations’ legal responsibilities, membership engagement, and good governance.

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