Game ON: Ontario’s New Sport Recognition Policy – 25-Point Checklist for PSOs

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Game ON: What proposed updates to Ontario’s Sport Recognition Policy could mean for your Organization

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Governing Documents: Separating Constitution, Bylaws, Policies, and Rules

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Criminal Record Checks – A Discussion For Every Sport Organization

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Human Resources – Challenges and Pitfalls in Managing this Vital Resource

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The Proven Value of a Social Media Policy

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ONCA updates and current duties for Ontario-based organizations

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NFP Act After-Care – Tasks after Transitioning to Compliance

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The More We Learn the Less We Know?

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What policies does my sport organization need?

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CCES Publishes Exploratory Paper on Gender Inclusivity

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Does Your Organization Need a Social Media Policy?

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Gender Identity in Sport

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Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) – Compliance

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Violence and Harassment in the Workplace – Compliance

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Renewal … It’s Not Just the Sport Policy That Needs It!

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Avoiding Uncertainty in Policies and Contracts

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Why and When You Are Required to Re-Incorporate Your Organization

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Your Guide to the Updated Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA)

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The Most Recent Buzz About Police Records Checks

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Risk Management Guide for Community Sport Organizations

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Sport Organizations and the New Occupational Health and Safety Act

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Ontario Bans Use of Handheld Devices While Driving

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Improving Your Selection Policies

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Case Law Comment: CURIE v. CGU Insurance Company of Canada (2007)

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What We Have Learned From Managing Appeals

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Staying on the Lookout for Fraud – Some Risk Management Advice

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Police Records Checks

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Case Law Comment: McKay v. Flin Flon Junior Bomber Hockey Club, Inc. (1999) Man. QB

Court decisions are a critical source of information about the proper interpretation of the laws and rules that govern so many of our actions. Our … [Read more...]

Case Comment: R. v. Gollan (2000)

Court decisions are a critical source of information about the proper interpretation of the laws and rules that govern so many of our actions. Our … [Read more...]

Policy Planning and Dispute Management in the Non-Profit Sector

The Charitable and Non-profit sector in Canada has experienced unprecedented changes in the 1990's. As senior levels of government spend less and … [Read more...]