The Silence of Our Friends

By Rachel Corbett. I have been very impressed by the Harassment in Sport blog series presented by the Coaching Association of Canada, the Canadian … [Read more...]

Ontario Fitness & Recreation Organizations targeted in upcoming government blitz

Are you prepared?  The Ontario government recently announced that they will be conducting a targeted Employment Standards Act enforcement blitz. The … [Read more...]

Tales from the Ivory Tower Six Months In

By Rachel Corbett Many readers of this blog may know that I took a leave of absence from the Sport Law & Strategy Group in the summer of 2014 … [Read more...]

The Ins and Outs of Unpaid Intern Positions

With the summer intern recruitment push now upon us, this might be a good time to get some clarification on the status of unpaid internships. An … [Read more...]

Not Just Lip Service Anymore … Creating Space for People to Unwind and Unplug

I’ve been thinking about this for a while. What is the impact on professionals who feel they are ‘on call’ 24-7 but aren’t being paid to render this … [Read more...]

Dependent Contractors: A Third Employment Relationship with Legal Concerns for Sport Organizations

"Dependent contractor" - this is a third category of employment relationships that we rarely discuss, and most organizations have never heard of, but … [Read more...]

Renewal … It’s Not Just the Sport Policy That Needs It!

Some of you may be aware that we are undergoing a renewal of the Canadian Sport Policy (CSP). Fondly spoken of as CSP 2.0, this renewal process has … [Read more...]

Are We Ready to Lead from Behind?

As sport management consultants, it is our responsibility to scour the literature to translate latest trends into meaningful knowledge for our … [Read more...]

Determining Notice Periods: Length of Service is Only ONE Consideration

We are often asked to help sport organizations determine appropriate notice periods where employees are being released without cause. This can be a … [Read more...]

Employee or Contractor? A New Perspective

The recent Ontario court decision of McKee v Reids Heritage Homes Ltd (RHH) has created yet another installment of the already confusing definition … [Read more...]

Human Resources Guide for Community Sport: Managing Employees

by Rachel Corbett. This Guide, authored by Barb Schimnowsky, is a human resources handbook to support the professional development of local sport … [Read more...]

Overtime: A Ticking Time Bomb?

Curiously, we have been approached three times in the last month by sport organizations confronted with requests from employees to be paid out for … [Read more...]

Case Law Comment – Ceccol v. Ontario Gymnastics Federation (1999)

A fundamental principle in employment law is that when terminating a contract without cause, an employer must give reasonable notice. This principle … [Read more...]

So you want to be a contractor?

by Rachel Corbett. Most working relationships in sport organizations are relationships of employment, governed by employment standards legislation. … [Read more...]

Workplace Law Quiz!

Are you up to speed on employment law issues in your workplace?  Take this quiz to test your knowledge! 1.        An employment contract for an … [Read more...]

Maintaining ‘Fairness’ in Investigations and Hearings

Occasionally in this column we are able to write about actual sport cases. This is a treat, as normally we draw from general cases, extracting their … [Read more...]

Suspending a Coach Before a Hearing

Unfortunately, there are times when coaches are the subject of serious complaints of misconduct. Most organizations have in place a discipline process … [Read more...]

Coaching Contracts – Do You Know What Yours Says?

It doesn’t matter whether you are a volunteer coach or a paid coach, or whether, as a paid coach, you are an employee of a sport organization or an … [Read more...]

A Guide to Employment Contracts for Coaches

This handbook is written for the paid coach who works part-time or full-time in a coaching position for a sport organization, club, educational … [Read more...]

Book Review – Performance Appraisal for Sport and Recreation Managers

Performance appraisal of coaches. We talk about it a great deal, but all too often don't do it. When we do evaluate coaches, we often don't do it … [Read more...]

Case Comment: Pritchard v. Ontario Human Rights Commission, Ontario Divisional Court (1999)

Court decisions are a critical source of information about the proper interpretation of the laws and rules that govern so many of our actions. Our … [Read more...]

Case Comment: Robinson v. Fraser Wharves Limited (2000), British Columbia Supreme Court

Court decisions are a critical source of information about the proper interpretation of the laws and rules that govern so many of our actions. Our … [Read more...]

Job Descriptions

A coach is a coach. Right? Wrong. We often think of coaching as a single job. But in fact, there are many different tasks that can go into the job of … [Read more...]

References – Risks and Responsibilities

At first glance, the issue of providing employment references - or asking for them - would seem straightforward: employees request a reference because … [Read more...]

Case Comment: Wallace v. United Grain Growers Ltd. (1997), 3 SCR 701

Court decisions are a critical source of information about the proper interpretation of the laws and rules that govern so many of our actions. Our … [Read more...]

Employment Contracts for Coaches

In the Fall 1996 issue we made general comments relating to contracts. In this issue we will focus on employment contracts for coaches. The Canadian … [Read more...]

Some Basics on Contracts

Sport associations are using contracts more and more frequently, not only in business affairs but also in areas of employment and programming. For … [Read more...]

The Legal Implications of Employment Status

In the last issue of Coaches Report, the Business Bulletin column carried an item by Ian Hendry about the implications of self-employment for coaches. … [Read more...]