Coaches’ Liability and Responsibilities to Athletes

Regardless of their certification level, experience, employment or volunteer status, sport discipline, or location, coaches have a legal obligation to … [Read more...]

Athlete Appeals: Should You Help?

Athlete appeals: Should you help? How to determine when to go to bat for your athlete and when to step aside Appeals by athletes are most often on … [Read more...]

On Facebook – the “Coach Profile”

I recently had the opportunity to speak at the amazing Ontario Coaches Conference 2011 in London, Ontario.  I spoke about communication in the … [Read more...]

Coaches – Not Just Organizations – Should Have a Social Media Strategy

I attended the Sport Leadership conference on November 18th-20th and was treated to some great presentations about social media.  One of the main … [Read more...]

Parents sue Greater Toronto Hockey League (GTHL) after sons cut from team

This story has been has been the subject of ridicule by many major media outlets, sportscasters, and internet bloggers. At our first glance at the … [Read more...]

Defamation and Social Media – He’s the Worst Coach Ever!

What would you do if a coach in your organization showed you a player-created Facebook group that insulted the coach?  There are many of these groups … [Read more...]

Coaching in the Age of New Media

Ozzie Sawicki’s excellent Technology Solutions columns in this publication help us understand how new technologies are being adapted for use in … [Read more...]

Social Media Deserves More of Your Attention

Social media has graduated into the lives of adults and professionals. Skype is not just for webcamming teenagers, but also for business people on … [Read more...]

Coaches’ Duty of Care Revisited

Previously in this column we have written about the duty of care of coaches towards athletes. A new case from British Columbia (Hussack v. School … [Read more...]

What is the Standard of Care of Coaches Towards Athletes?

Or for that matter, what is the standard of care of teachers to students, or instructors to participants? A recent court case of British Columbia … [Read more...]

Coaches of Canada and CCES Roll Out National Code of Conduct and Canadian Policy on Prohibited Conduct

Coaches of Canada and the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (CCES) recently distributed the above two policy documents to sports administrators … [Read more...]

Harassment – Some Definitions and Guidelines for Coaches and Athletes

The harm of harassment Harassment has been a “hot” issue in sport for many years. It’s not that harassment in the sport environment is new – it’s … [Read more...]

A Little Knowledge Can Go A Long Way – Understanding The Principles Behind Doping Decisions

Arbitration decisions from the Sport Dispute Resolution Centre of Canada (SDRCC) are always interesting to read – there is a compelling story in each … [Read more...]

To Coach or to Direct – Is There a Conflict?

Increasingly, we are seeing coaches become members of Boards of Directors of sport organizations with which they coach. Perhaps this is part of the … [Read more...]

The Coach-Athlete Relationship: A Legal View

Recently, we were asked to investigate cases of alleged coach misconduct that raise the question, is this specific coach in a position of trust with … [Read more...]

Information Package on Legal Issues for Coaches

More than ever before, coaches are aware of the risks and responsibilities they assume when they coach. These risks and responsibilities include those … [Read more...]

Coaching Contracts – Do You Know What Yours Says?

It doesn’t matter whether you are a volunteer coach or a paid coach, or whether, as a paid coach, you are an employee of a sport organization or an … [Read more...]

Coaches as Innovators

In the Spring 1999 issue of Coaches Report we discussed intellectual property when we wrote about the right of personality. Given that intellectual … [Read more...]

A Guide to Employment Contracts for Coaches

This handbook is written for the paid coach who works part-time or full-time in a coaching position for a sport organization, club, educational … [Read more...]

In July 2002, an Ontario court issued one of the largest Canadian defamation awards for Internet libel - $400,000. The court found that the defendant … [Read more...]

Book Review – Difficult Conversations: How to Discuss What Matters Most (1999)

In the Knowing the Law column in the last issue of Coaches Report , we observed that the most pressing issue that coaches appear to be facing today … [Read more...]

Violence in Sport Part II – Dealing With Violence as a Legal Issue

In the last issue, we discussed the topic of violence in sport from the criminal law perspective, specifically in the context of a charge of assault. … [Read more...]

The Key Components of a Profession

This fall we attended a two-day workshop on professional discipline and regulation. Organized for professional associations such as those governing … [Read more...]

Doing Something About Bad Coaches

For over a decade part of our business has been helping sport organizations, coaches and athletes resolve their differences. In an average week we … [Read more...]

Playing Russian Roulette with Supplements: Coaches Need to Know

Getting that extra edge. Vitamin, mineral, herbal and other nutritional supplements are becoming an increasingly important part of the athlete's quest … [Read more...]

The Rights of Athletes, Coaches and Participants in Sport

This is a chapter prepared for, and excerpted from a sport and law textbook published by Canadian Scholars Press. Its focus is the sport … [Read more...]

More Coaches Being Sued

Another selection matter, and two more coaches are named in a lawsuit. But this one is a bit different. No matter what the outcome of a selection … [Read more...]

Coach Handed Lifetime Penalty

In the first case review under the Canadian Policy on Penalties for Doping in Sport, heard last November, the Doping Control Review Panel found that a … [Read more...]

Harassment – What We are Learning About What We are Doing

Harassment has been a "hot" issue in sport over the past year. The high profile Sheldon Kennedy incident involving the sexual abuse of an athlete by a … [Read more...]

Responsibilities of the Coach/Director

Our column this issue is not about coaches. Instead, it is about directors, and we've chosen this topic because a good number of coaches also happen … [Read more...]

Coaches and General Liability Insurance

Having general liability insurance coverage is something every coach should seriously consider. Apart from insurance being a sensible risk management … [Read more...]

Employment Contracts for Coaches

In the Fall 1996 issue we made general comments relating to contracts. In this issue we will focus on employment contracts for coaches. The Canadian … [Read more...]

What is the Standard in the Standard of Care?

The Supreme Court of Canada in April of this year quashed a decision of the British Columbia Court of Appeal which had ordered a whole new trial in … [Read more...]

Some Basics on Contracts

Sport associations are using contracts more and more frequently, not only in business affairs but also in areas of employment and programming. For … [Read more...]

The Standard of Care of Coaches Towards Athletes

This column is about the basics. It talks about the standard of care of coaches towards athletes. When coaches fail to meet this standard, they may be … [Read more...]

Contributory Negligence

When a coach fails to meet the standard of care toward athletes, he or she may be negligent. But negligence does not equate with liability. Whether or … [Read more...]

The Legal Implications of Employment Status

In the last issue of Coaches Report, the Business Bulletin column carried an item by Ian Hendry about the implications of self-employment for coaches. … [Read more...]

Personal Risk Management

More than ever before, coaches are aware of the risks and responsibilities they assume when they coach. These risks and responsibilities include those … [Read more...]

Parents can Help to Cut Risk of Sexual Abuse by Coaches

by Rachel Corbett. In arguing for a light sentence for convicted sex offender George Smith, defence counsel noted that the stigma from this … [Read more...]