What Goes Around, Comes Around

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Athletics Canada – One Organization’s Experience with Dispute Management

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Gender Identity in Sport

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Criticism, Reputation, Free Speech – Does Social Media Need to be Integrated into Codes of Conduct and Athlete Agreements?

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Perceptions of Fairness – the Case of the University of Waterloo Football Program

The actions of the University of Waterloo in suspending its 2010 football season provide an opportunity to think about issues of 'fairness'. We can … [Read more...]

Parents sue Greater Toronto Hockey League (GTHL) after sons cut from team

This story has been has been the subject of ridicule by many major media outlets, sportscasters, and internet bloggers. At our first glance at the … [Read more...]

Defamation and Social Media – He’s the Worst Coach Ever!

What would you do if a coach in your organization showed you a player-created Facebook group that insulted the coach?  There are many of these groups … [Read more...]

What is the Standard of Care of Coaches Towards Athletes?

Or for that matter, what is the standard of care of teachers to students, or instructors to participants? A recent court case of British Columbia … [Read more...]

Using Waiver Agreements in Sports

Question: When I register my child for a sport program, we are asked to sign a waiver form. Do these have any legal meaning? Answer: Any … [Read more...]

A Little Knowledge Can Go A Long Way – Understanding The Principles Behind Doping Decisions

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A New View of Athlete Agreements

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The Coach-Athlete Relationship: A Legal View

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Centre for Sport and Law Assists Amateur Athletes Across Canada

With a few exceptions, clients organizations come to the Centre for Sport and Law without a clear ideas of what they want or need. All they know is … [Read more...]

Violence in Sport Part II – Dealing With Violence as a Legal Issue

In the last issue, we discussed the topic of violence in sport from the criminal law perspective, specifically in the context of a charge of assault. … [Read more...]

New studies shed light on nandrolone

Nandrolone is a banned substance under the IOC Anti-Doping Code when it is found at levels exceeding 2 ng/ml in men and 5 ng/ml in women. Unlike most … [Read more...]

Playing Russian Roulette with Supplements: Coaches Need to Know

Getting that extra edge. Vitamin, mineral, herbal and other nutritional supplements are becoming an increasingly important part of the athlete's quest … [Read more...]

The Rights of Athletes, Coaches and Participants in Sport

This is a chapter prepared for, and excerpted from a sport and law textbook published by Canadian Scholars Press. Its focus is the sport … [Read more...]

More Coaches Being Sued

Another selection matter, and two more coaches are named in a lawsuit. But this one is a bit different. No matter what the outcome of a selection … [Read more...]

Some Basics on Contracts

Sport associations are using contracts more and more frequently, not only in business affairs but also in areas of employment and programming. For … [Read more...]