What Goes Around, Comes Around

I have been blogging about the Sochi Olympic disputes that went to the Ad Hoc Court of Arbitration (CAS), which heard disputes during the course of … [Read more...]

SDRCC Arbitrator Rejects Another Case for Being Out of Time

Last month, a third decision was reached in a SDRCC (Sport Dispute Resolution Centre of Canada) case on the issue of lack of jurisdiction due to a … [Read more...]

Athletics Canada – One Organization’s Experience with Dispute Management

This post features an interview I did with Scott MacDonald and Rachel Corbett. Scott is the High Performance Director for Athletics Canada (AC), a … [Read more...]

Off-Side: Additional Penalties for Doping Infractions Struck Down

We have confirmation... for a second time the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) has struck down additional penalties for doping infractions that … [Read more...]

Case Comment – Clifford v. Ontario Municipal Employee Retirement System (2009)

This is not a sport case but is helpful nonetheless in providing guidance to tribunals writing decisions. This occurs often in the sport context – … [Read more...]

Hilary Findlay and Colleague Publish Several Articles

Hilary Findlay, along with her colleague Marcus Mazzucco from the University of Victoria, have recently had a couple of articles accepted for … [Read more...]

Degrees of Intervention in Sport-Specific Arbitration: Are We Moving Towards a Universal Model of Decision-Making?

Independent and specialized dispute resolution is an accepted and integral part of the sport bureaucracy internationally and, increasingly so, within … [Read more...]

Scope of Review, Standard of Review and Authority to Grant a Remedy: An Analysis of Three Policy-Based Rules in a Sport-Specific Arbitration Process

The purpose of this paper is to examine how certain prescribed rules of an arbitration process can serve as instruments of sport policy. Three rules … [Read more...]

When Is a Deadline Not a Deadline?

We have spent the last 15 years urging sport organizations to follow their rules, and at every opportunity doing our best to convey the message that … [Read more...]

Diagnosing Disputes

This winter we have been teaching a new course at Brock University on negotiation skills for sport managers. We have structured the course around two … [Read more...]