Legal Solutions

  • Review and prepare athlete agreements, sponsorship and licensing agreements, and other business contracts
  • Secure trademarks, official marks and other intellectual property protections
  • Perform risk management assessments and prepare risk registries
  • Conduct insurance reviews to ensure that you have the proper type, scope and levels of insurance coverage
  • Provide dispute resolution services – representation, negotiation, conflict analysis, investigations, mediation, arbitration and appeals management
  • Provide advice on privacy issues
  • Guide you on employment matters including job descriptions, performance appraisals, employee and contractor agreements, employee termination
  • Prepare policies for eligibility, selection, carding, discipline, harassment and related matters
  • Advise on policies and practices relating to workplace harassment, discrimination and safety
  • Assist with incorporation, mergers, partnerships, charities, foundations and trusts
  • Provide legal opinions on liability matters

Our writings on Legal Solutions are in the areas of Case Law, Conflict of Interest, Contracts, Defamation, Dispute Resolution, Doping, Employment, Human Rights, Intellectual Property, Negligence and Liability, Privacy, Procedural Fairness, Screening, Violence, and Waivers.

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