The Proven Value of a Social Media Policy

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CASL Part II – What it Means for RCAAAs

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Instagram and Vine: New Social Media Has Same Risks for Sport Organizations

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Does Your Organization Need a Social Media Policy?

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Socialympics – How Sports Organizations and Athletes Used Social Media at London 2012

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Guns, Athlete Behaviour, and Social Media

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Defamation 2.0

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The Permanency of Social Media

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Simplifying the Social Media Discussion

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PIPEDA Review Should Focus on “Networked Publics”

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Strategic Options in Social Media – Addressing Member Negativity

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Saskatoon Blades (and Blades’ Fans) Get It Wrong on Facebook

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On Facebook – the “Coach Profile”

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Coaches – Not Just Organizations – Should Have a Social Media Strategy

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Defamation and Social Media – He’s the Worst Coach Ever!

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The Power of Social Networking and Social Media

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Coaching in the Age of New Media

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Some Thoughts on the Rapid Growth of Social Media

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Backgrounder on “PIPEDA” – Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act

As of January 1, 2004 the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (“PIPEDA”) applies to all organizations during the collection, … [Read more...]

The Collection, Use and Disclosure of Pictures and Images: A Discussion Paper

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