Leader! Know thyself

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Avoid sticking your head in the sand … deal with human resource problems proactively

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PSO Risk Management Workshops

Since 2007 the Sport Law & Strategy Group (SLSG) has partnered with the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport to deliver the Risk Management … [Read more...]

Emotionally intelligent leaders – ways to unleash your organization’s full leadership potential

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Growth or Fixed: How your Mindset impacts your performance

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Measuring workplace happiness … it makes good business sense

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Hosting Successful Sport Events in Your Own Backyard

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Lessons in Leading

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Coaching isn’t just for athletes…

Recently I became certified as an Integral Master CoachTM with Integral Coaching Canada. The certification process took fourteen months and is … [Read more...]

Not Just Lip Service Anymore … Creating Space for People to Unwind and Unplug

I’ve been thinking about this for a while. What is the impact on professionals who feel they are ‘on call’ 24-7 but aren’t being paid to render this … [Read more...]

Lessons on Leadership

As a leader in Canadian sport, I have had the opportunity to experience many moments of greatness. Many of these early moments are related to my … [Read more...]

Thoughts on Leadership

In December 2011, I was appointed a True Sport Fellow by the True Sport Foundation. The Foundation is committed to ensuring that sport makes a … [Read more...]

Authentic Leadership – Tips for Becoming the Leader You Want to Be

Becoming a leader that others look up to is a goal worth pursuing. Authentic leadership is a form of leadership that transforms people, organizations, … [Read more...]

Are We Ready to Lead from Behind?

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Book Review – The Great Traits of Champions: Fundamentals for Achievers, Leaders and Legacy Leavers (2008)

Readers of this website will likely know of both Mark Tewksbury and Debbie Muir, authors of the recently released book, The Great Traits of Champions: … [Read more...]

Diagnosing Disputes

This winter we have been teaching a new course at Brock University on negotiation skills for sport managers. We have structured the course around two … [Read more...]