Deadline Extended for Free Management-by-Values Workshop

Organizations that have completed the two-day "Introduction to Risk Management Workshop" can still apply to the CCES to participate in a free … [Read more...]

Free Management-by-Values Workshop for Selected Organizations

The Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (CCES) is inviting expressions of interest from sport leaders who want to participate in a Management by … [Read more...]

What is a Parliamentarian and why sport organizations need one

Recently I completed a course on parliamentary procedure with the University of Wisconsin and proudly updated my LinkedIn profile to announce my … [Read more...]

Leader! Know thyself

I recently became certified in the use of a psychometric self-awareness tool that I believe can have a profound impact on the development of sport … [Read more...]

Financial Literacy – What is it and Who needs it?

In sport, we often talk about physical literacy as “the mastering of fundamental movement skills and fundamental sport skills that permit a child to … [Read more...]

Applications being accepted for Risk Management Workshops

The CCES has announced that applications are being accepted for the next round of Risk Management Workshops for NSOs and MSOs. Expressions of interest … [Read more...]

SLSG and Risk Management Project featured in SIRCuit

The newest edition of SIRCuit, published by the Sport Information Resource Centre, focused on Leadership. The e-publication contains a great article … [Read more...]

Cyber-attacks: The new risk on the block

A person would have to be on a deserted island to not be aware of the increasingly frequent occurrence of cyber-attacks in the world of politics and … [Read more...]

Harassment in Sport – Eradicating Harassment in Your Sport Organization

In 2016, the SLSG partnered with the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (CCES), the Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women and Sport and … [Read more...]

BC Societies Act – Practical Guidance for Transition

By now, most BC societies have received formal notice from BC Registry Services that the new BC Societies Act will come into force on November 28th, … [Read more...]

Managing Risks Makes Good Business Sense

Risk management has made front line news again over the past few weeks. Beyond politics and ethical considerations of medically assisted deaths to the … [Read more...]

Avoid sticking your head in the sand … deal with human resource problems proactively

I read with interest an article in the Ottawa Citizen about the rising number of public service executives who are seeking counselling to deal with a … [Read more...]

Getting the most out of your insurance programs

In recent risk management workshops with National Sport Organizations (NSOs) as part of the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport’s Risk Management … [Read more...]

Game ON: Ontario’s New Sport Recognition Policy – 25-Point Checklist for PSOs

In our previous post about Game ON, we discussed the policies that Ontario Provincial Sport Organizations (PSOs) will need to have in order to be … [Read more...]

Increasing Leadership Opportunities for Women

Increasingly I’m inspired to think of choices when tackling both every day and complex problems by approaching them as ‘and/with’ problems instead … [Read more...]

PSO Risk Management Workshops

Since 2007 the Sport Law & Strategy Group (SLSG) has partnered with the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport to deliver the Risk Management … [Read more...]

Game ON: What proposed updates to Ontario’s Sport Recognition Policy could mean for your Organization

One of the legacies of Toronto hosting the 2015 Pan Am/Parapan Am Games has been a renewed focus on sport in Ontario and the creation of Game ON: The … [Read more...]

The Silence of Our Friends

By Rachel Corbett. I have been very impressed by the Harassment in Sport blog series presented by the Coaching Association of Canada, the Canadian … [Read more...]

Harassment in Sport Blog Series – Blog Three: Looking Ahead

Our intention for this four-part blog series on harassment in sport is to review the past, assess where we are, and chart a course forward that … [Read more...]

Governing Documents: Separating Constitution, Bylaws, Policies, and Rules

Recently, organizations in Ontario and BC have been asking us about transitioning to compliance with the upcoming Ontario Not-For-Profit Corporations … [Read more...]

Respectful work cultures – what sport organizations need to know about creating productive environments for staff and volunteers

On my way to Yellowknife, I printed off a dozen articles from the Non Profit Risk Management Center, a great source of risk management advice for … [Read more...]

Harassment in Sport Blog Series – Blog Two: Current State

Our intention for this four-part blog series on harassment in sport is to review the past, assess where we are, and chart a course forward that … [Read more...]

Harassment in Sport Blog Series – Blog One: Looking Back

Our intention for this four-part blog series on harassment in sport is to review the past, assess where we are, and chart a course forward that … [Read more...]

BC Societies Act to come into force in November 2016!

Big news for BC sports organizations! The new not-for-profit corporations act – the BC Societies Act – has been announced to come into force on … [Read more...]

Sport Events & Risk Management – More Than Just a Broken Arm

Hosting a successful sport event involves many factors, some of which involve taking risks or exposing your organization to potential risks. … [Read more...]

Manage your Risks by Managing by Values

Risk management is a concept that more and more sport leaders are embracing. In part, this shift towards proactive, integrated and system-wide … [Read more...]

Emotionally intelligent leaders – ways to unleash your organization’s full leadership potential

I was reading a great article in the December 2001 edition of the Harvard Business Review on leadership that is worth sharing. Written by Goleman, … [Read more...]

Compliance Issues for 2015 – Ontario Employers Take Note!

There have been several recent changes in Ontario law that have come into effect, or will soon, that impact amateur sport organizations in Ontario … [Read more...]

Growth or Fixed: How your Mindset impacts your performance

In her groundbreaking book Mindset: the new psychology of success, world renowned psychologist Carol Dweck shared years of research on the power of … [Read more...]

Management by Values: A new way of doing business in Canadian sport – A discussion paper

by Dina Bell-Laroche and Rachel Corbett (originally written March 2008) A French version of this paper is provided here. The authors are … [Read more...]

Coaches’ Liability and Responsibilities to Athletes

Regardless of their certification level, experience, employment or volunteer status, sport discipline, or location, coaches have a legal obligation to … [Read more...]

BC Societies Act – Big Changes Ahead for BC sport organizations

The new BC Societies Act is expected to come into force within 18 months (by November 2016) and will replace the existing BC Society Act – the … [Read more...]

Measuring workplace happiness … it makes good business sense

I recently read an article in the Ottawa Citizen that ranked Ottawa among the top 10 happiest out of 33 metropolitan areas across the country. The … [Read more...]

Human Resources – Challenges and Pitfalls in Managing this Vital Resource

People are the lifeblood of any organization whether they are paid staff, Directors, or volunteers. Without their passion and commitment, many of the … [Read more...]

Coaching by Values

(The text of this article is also available in French) Inspired by my book on Values-in-Action: Igniting Passion and Purpose in Sport Organizations … [Read more...]

Hosting Successful Sport Events in Your Own Backyard

Is your organization looking to host a championship event? Whether your proposed event is international, national, provincial, or local the decision … [Read more...]

The Proven Value of a Social Media Policy

For a few years I’ve been recommending that sport organizations develop their own social media policy. In the most comprehensive blogpost - ‘Does your … [Read more...]

Sport Law & Strategy Group assists 75 sport organizations in their NFP Act transition

Midnight on Friday, October 17 was the deadline for federally incorporated not-for-profit organizations to transition from old legislation (Canada … [Read more...]

Resources for Not-For-Profit Organizations

Service Ontario has launched a new section for not-for-profits in Ontario making it faster and easier for organizations to get the services and … [Read more...]

Lessons in Leading

What does it mean to lead an organization? Research and business leaders will tell you it comes down to culture. High performing organizations are … [Read more...]

NFP Act transition… down to the wire… only two months left!

Four months ago in a blogpost we counted the remaining National Sport Organizations (NSOs) that had not yet transitioned to compliance with the new … [Read more...]

Coaching isn’t just for athletes…

Recently I became certified as an Integral Master CoachTM with Integral Coaching Canada. The certification process took fourteen months and is … [Read more...]

ONCA updates and current duties for Ontario-based organizations

We last wrote about the Ontario Not-for-Profit Corporations Act (ONCA) in September 2013 and unfortunately not much has changed. The legislation is … [Read more...]

Under the Microscope in More Ways than One!

It seems that everywhere we turn, not for profits and charities are being put under more and more scrutiny. Whether this is warranted or not remains … [Read more...]

NFP Act After-Care – Tasks after Transitioning to Compliance

With 24 National Sport Organizations (NSOs) having transitioned to compliance with the new NFP Act, and more organizations in the process of … [Read more...]

NFP Act transition… only six months left… are you on track?

On October 17th 2011 the NFP Act (also known as the CNCA) came into force and required that every federally-incorporated not-for-profit organization … [Read more...]

In Camera Meetings and Minutes of In Camera Meetings

There are times within meetings, particularly executive meetings, when discussions must be kept confidential. Such discussions are considered to be … [Read more...]

Update on the Use of Religious Headwear during Soccer Matches

We have been following this issue since it first arose in 2012, when the Quebec Soccer Federation (QSF) issued a rule prohibiting its players from … [Read more...]

Smart Tips for Risk Management

I stumbled on this recently while reviewing our publication "Risk Management Guide for Community Sport Organizations" that we wrote for 2010 Legacies … [Read more...]

Not Just Lip Service Anymore … Creating Space for People to Unwind and Unplug

I’ve been thinking about this for a while. What is the impact on professionals who feel they are ‘on call’ 24-7 but aren’t being paid to render this … [Read more...]