Sport Events & Risk Management – More Than Just a Broken Arm

Hosting a successful sport event involves many factors, some of which involve taking risks or exposing your organization to potential risks. … [Read more...]

Coaches’ Liability and Responsibilities to Athletes

Regardless of their certification level, experience, employment or volunteer status, sport discipline, or location, coaches have a legal obligation to … [Read more...]

Tripped Up By Tape

Sometimes the most innocuous situations create the biggest problems. This was true in a recent case that took place in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Thanks to … [Read more...]

Coaches’ Duty of Care Revisited

Previously in this column we have written about the duty of care of coaches towards athletes. A new case from British Columbia (Hussack v. School … [Read more...]

What is the Standard of Care of Coaches Towards Athletes?

Or for that matter, what is the standard of care of teachers to students, or instructors to participants? A recent court case of British Columbia … [Read more...]

Case Comment – Hussack v. School District No. 33 (Chilliwack), (2009)

Devon Hussack was a Grade 7 student when he was injured by a field hockey stick in a physical education class. Devon had not attended school for the … [Read more...]

Case Law Comment – Resurface Corp v. Hanke (2007)

The Supreme Court of Canada recently ruled in the case of Resurfice Corp. v Hanke (2007 SCC 7) and shed new light on one of the four elements of … [Read more...]

Information Package on Legal Issues for Coaches

More than ever before, coaches are aware of the risks and responsibilities they assume when they coach. These risks and responsibilities include those … [Read more...]

Case Comment: R. v. Gollan (2000)

Court decisions are a critical source of information about the proper interpretation of the laws and rules that govern so many of our actions. Our … [Read more...]

Legal Liability and Risk Management: A Handbook for Directors

By Rachel Corbett. According to the 2000 National Survey of Giving, Volunteering and Participating, over 40 percent of Canadian volunteers hold … [Read more...]

The Responsibilities of Supervision

Many coaches engage in instructional activities as part of their coaching position. No one will dispute that part of the responsibility of the … [Read more...]

Vicarious Liability: Two New Supreme Court Decisions

In almost every newsletter and law update we have read recently, two new Supreme Court of Canada decisions have been written up. So, not to be left … [Read more...]

Responsibilities of the Coach/Director

Our column this issue is not about coaches. Instead, it is about directors, and we've chosen this topic because a good number of coaches also happen … [Read more...]

What is the Standard in the Standard of Care?

The Supreme Court of Canada in April of this year quashed a decision of the British Columbia Court of Appeal which had ordered a whole new trial in … [Read more...]

The Standard of Care of Coaches Towards Athletes

This column is about the basics. It talks about the standard of care of coaches towards athletes. When coaches fail to meet this standard, they may be … [Read more...]

Contributory Negligence

When a coach fails to meet the standard of care toward athletes, he or she may be negligent. But negligence does not equate with liability. Whether or … [Read more...]

Could This Happen to You? Recreation Workers Can Take Steps to Prevent Injury and Avoid Liability

Preventing injuries in sport and recreation and avoiding liability requires more than a first aid kit, a waiver or an insurance policy. Nor are … [Read more...]