BC Societies Act – Practical Guidance for Transition

By now, most BC societies have received formal notice from BC Registry Services that the new BC Societies Act will come into force on November 28th, … [Read more...]

Game ON: Ontario’s New Sport Recognition Policy – 25-Point Checklist for PSOs

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Governing Documents: Separating Constitution, Bylaws, Policies, and Rules

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Criminal Record Checks – A Discussion For Every Sport Organization

Are Criminal Record Checks (CRCs) really necessary? Since they take time and effort for a volunteer to obtain, and they cost money, this is often the … [Read more...]

BC Societies Act to come into force in November 2016!

Big news for BC sports organizations! The new not-for-profit corporations act – the BC Societies Act – has been announced to come into force on … [Read more...]

Accountability in Appeals Management: Who Watches the Watcher?

The Sport Law & Strategy Group has been handling internal appeals for sport organizations for over twenty years. Our task is to ensure procedural … [Read more...]

BC Societies Act – Big Changes Ahead for BC sport organizations

The new BC Societies Act is expected to come into force within 18 months (by November 2016) and will replace the existing BC Society Act – the … [Read more...]

Athlete Appeals: Should You Help?

Athlete appeals: Should you help? How to determine when to go to bat for your athlete and when to step aside Appeals by athletes are most often on … [Read more...]

The Proven Value of a Social Media Policy

For a few years I’ve been recommending that sport organizations develop their own social media policy. In the most comprehensive blogpost - ‘Does your … [Read more...]

Resources for Not-For-Profit Organizations

Service Ontario has launched a new section for not-for-profits in Ontario making it faster and easier for organizations to get the services and … [Read more...]

NFP Act transition… down to the wire… only two months left!

Four months ago in a blogpost we counted the remaining National Sport Organizations (NSOs) that had not yet transitioned to compliance with the new … [Read more...]

ONCA updates and current duties for Ontario-based organizations

We last wrote about the Ontario Not-for-Profit Corporations Act (ONCA) in September 2013 and unfortunately not much has changed. The legislation is … [Read more...]

NFP Act After-Care – Tasks after Transitioning to Compliance

With 24 National Sport Organizations (NSOs) having transitioned to compliance with the new NFP Act, and more organizations in the process of … [Read more...]

NFP Act transition… only six months left… are you on track?

On October 17th 2011 the NFP Act (also known as the CNCA) came into force and required that every federally-incorporated not-for-profit organization … [Read more...]

With 63 gold medals Canada owned the podium again

Four years ago I wrote an article about the different ways to count Olympic medals. One of the issues I wanted to raise was that in individual sports … [Read more...]

What We’re Watching in 2014

Last year in February we wrote about what we were watching in 2013 and this year we thought we would do the same. But this year we also wanted to … [Read more...]

Athletics Canada – One Organization’s Experience with Dispute Management

This post features an interview I did with Scott MacDonald and Rachel Corbett. Scott is the High Performance Director for Athletics Canada (AC), a … [Read more...]


It’s been nearly a year since we dedicated a blogpost to the Ontario Not-For-Profit Corporations Act (ONCA). During that time the implementation date … [Read more...]

Absentee Voting Survey Results

Back in June of this year, in collaboration with Rowing Canada Aviron, we asked sport organizations to complete a survey related to absentee voting. … [Read more...]

Instagram and Vine: New Social Media Has Same Risks for Sport Organizations

The speed at which young people use and discard social mediums (plural: media) often outpaces the speed at which adults understand those same social … [Read more...]

Record Keeping Checklist Under the NFP Act

What Documents Your Organization Needs to Keep and Who Can Access Them The new NFP Act requires that organizations maintain specific records and … [Read more...]

Jurisdiction, Turbans, and Soccer in Quebec

Since last year, the Quebec Soccer Federation (QSF) has prohibited its players from wearing turbans and other religious headgear. This April, the … [Read more...]

Discipline Decisions – To Disclose or Not to Disclose?

Should organizations make discipline decisions and sanctions public knowledge? We often act as a neutral third party to handle an organization’s … [Read more...]

What We’re Watching in 2013

Last year we celebrated our 20th Anniversary of service in the Canadian sport industry and we are looking forward to big things in the coming year! We … [Read more...]

What policies does my sport organization need?

At the Sport Law & Strategy Group, we regularly receive requests from sport organizations asking for assistance writing policies. These are the … [Read more...]

Does Your Organization Need a Social Media Policy?

The recent Olympic Games were the ‘Socialympics’ and, as our colleagues at arnoldi mcpherson illustrated in their excellent report, there were more … [Read more...]

Are There Problems with the Ontario Not-For-Profit Act?

The Ontario Not-For-Profit Corporations Act (ONCA) is expected to come into force on January 1st, 2013 and organizations will have three years to … [Read more...]

Your Organization’s Response to Hazing and Member Misconduct

There have been a few recent member misconduct incidents making the news lately and we wanted to comment on how sports organizations should approach … [Read more...]

Timing of Annual Meetings under the NFP Act

We wanted to share with our readers what we have learned about the requirements of the Not-For-Profit Corporations Act in relation to the timing of … [Read more...]

Guns, Athlete Behaviour, and Social Media

A recent story involving two Australian athletes underscores the difficulty that some Canadian National Sport Organizations (NSOs) may face leading up … [Read more...]

Snapshot of Membership Fees of National Sport Organizations

By Kevin Lawrie and Rachel Corbett. We recently published a snapshot on the voting structures of National Sports Organizations (NSOs) and we found … [Read more...]

Snapshot of Voting Structures of National Sport Organizations

By Rachel Corbett and Kevin Lawrie. We continue to help National Sport Organizations (NSOs) comply with the new Not-for-Profit Corporations Act and, … [Read more...]

Olympic Team Selection – What Your NSO Needs to Know to Be Dispute-Ready!

By Rachel Corbett and Kevin Lawrie. The 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic Games are fewer than 90 days away and many NSOs are preparing to select, … [Read more...]

Income Tax Act Revisions Impose New Requirements on NSO Directors

We last wrote about RCAAAs (Registered Canadian Amateur Athletic Associations) in February 2012, noting that recent changes to the Income Tax Act have … [Read more...]

Defamation 2.0

In April 2011, the Supreme Court of Canada published a significant new ruling related to defamation and hyperlinks.  In the ruling, the Court decided … [Read more...]

Why the new federal NFP Act is important to PSOs

Provincial Sport Organizations (PSOs) may be hearing about the “NFP Act” or the new not-for-profit corporations’ legislation that every … [Read more...]

The Permanency of Social Media

Organizations and individuals are frequently re-learning that posting something on social media ensures the near-permanent existence of that … [Read more...]

What We’re Watching in 2012

This year marks our 20th Anniversary of service in the Canadian sport industry.  We have been advising sport organizations since 1992!  We'll soon … [Read more...]

Simplifying the Social Media Discussion

It is easy to get lost in social media guidelines and policies.  Every organization has their own informed (and sometimes uninformed) views and ideas … [Read more...]

Reflections from Two Years with the Sport Law & Strategy Group

by Kevin Lawrie.   Two years ago, in July 2009, I started my first contract with the Sport Law & Strategy Group.  We were working for a coalition … [Read more...]

PIPEDA Review Should Focus on “Networked Publics”

Recently the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada released its annual report to Parliament on the Personal Information Protection and … [Read more...]

Strategic Options in Social Media – Addressing Member Negativity

Through social media, information can reach a greater number of people more quickly and more directly and this has consequences for sport … [Read more...]

Criticism, Reputation, Free Speech – Does Social Media Need to be Integrated into Codes of Conduct and Athlete Agreements?

Sport organizations are wondering if it is really necessary to address social media within their organizational policies and codes of conduct.  After … [Read more...]

Saskatoon Blades (and Blades’ Fans) Get It Wrong on Facebook

Recently there was outrage in Saskatchewan when a fake Facebook account purportedly belonging to Saskatoon Blades' hockey star Brayden Schenn posted … [Read more...]

On Facebook – the “Coach Profile”

I recently had the opportunity to speak at the amazing Ontario Coaches Conference 2011 in London, Ontario.  I spoke about communication in the … [Read more...]

Coaches – Not Just Organizations – Should Have a Social Media Strategy

I attended the Sport Leadership conference on November 18th-20th and was treated to some great presentations about social media.  One of the main … [Read more...]

Defamation and Social Media – He’s the Worst Coach Ever!

What would you do if a coach in your organization showed you a player-created Facebook group that insulted the coach?  There are many of these groups … [Read more...]

Olympic Success – when 24 athletes = 1 medal

By Kevin Lawrie One of the goals of Canada’s Own the Podium funding program was to ‘Place first in the total medal count at the 2010 Olympic Winter … [Read more...]

Coaching in the Age of New Media

Ozzie Sawicki’s excellent Technology Solutions columns in this publication help us understand how new technologies are being adapted for use in … [Read more...]

Social Media Deserves More of Your Attention

Social media has graduated into the lives of adults and professionals. Skype is not just for webcamming teenagers, but also for business people on … [Read more...]