Leader! Know thyself

I recently became certified in the use of a psychometric self-awareness tool that I believe can have a profound impact on the development of sport … [Read more...]

Managing Risks Makes Good Business Sense

Risk management has made front line news again over the past few weeks. Beyond politics and ethical considerations of medically assisted deaths to the … [Read more...]

Avoid sticking your head in the sand … deal with human resource problems proactively

I read with interest an article in the Ottawa Citizen about the rising number of public service executives who are seeking counselling to deal with a … [Read more...]

Getting the most out of your insurance programs

In recent risk management workshops with National Sport Organizations (NSOs) as part of the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport’s Risk Management … [Read more...]

Increasing Leadership Opportunities for Women

Increasingly I’m inspired to think of choices when tackling both every day and complex problems by approaching them as ‘and/with’ problems instead … [Read more...]

Respectful work cultures – what sport organizations need to know about creating productive environments for staff and volunteers

On my way to Yellowknife, I printed off a dozen articles from the Non Profit Risk Management Center, a great source of risk management advice for … [Read more...]

Manage your Risks by Managing by Values

Risk management is a concept that more and more sport leaders are embracing. In part, this shift towards proactive, integrated and system-wide … [Read more...]

Emotionally intelligent leaders – ways to unleash your organization’s full leadership potential

I was reading a great article in the December 2001 edition of the Harvard Business Review on leadership that is worth sharing. Written by Goleman, … [Read more...]

Growth or Fixed: How your Mindset impacts your performance

In her groundbreaking book Mindset: the new psychology of success, world renowned psychologist Carol Dweck shared years of research on the power of … [Read more...]

Management by Values: A new way of doing business in Canadian sport – A discussion paper

by Dina Bell-Laroche and Rachel Corbett (originally written March 2008) A French version of this paper is provided here. The authors are … [Read more...]

Measuring workplace happiness … it makes good business sense

I recently read an article in the Ottawa Citizen that ranked Ottawa among the top 10 happiest out of 33 metropolitan areas across the country. The … [Read more...]

Coaching by Values

(The text of this article is also available in French) Inspired by my book on Values-in-Action: Igniting Passion and Purpose in Sport Organizations … [Read more...]

Lessons in Leading

What does it mean to lead an organization? Research and business leaders will tell you it comes down to culture. High performing organizations are … [Read more...]

Coaching isn’t just for athletes…

Recently I became certified as an Integral Master CoachTM with Integral Coaching Canada. The certification process took fourteen months and is … [Read more...]

Not Just Lip Service Anymore … Creating Space for People to Unwind and Unplug

I’ve been thinking about this for a while. What is the impact on professionals who feel they are ‘on call’ 24-7 but aren’t being paid to render this … [Read more...]

Lessons on Leadership

As a leader in Canadian sport, I have had the opportunity to experience many moments of greatness. Many of these early moments are related to my … [Read more...]

Values in Action: Questions about the handbook

Dina answers questions about the handbook: How can this book make me a better sport leader? "This book was written with sport leaders in mind. … [Read more...]

Values-in-Action: What Sport Leaders Are Saying

Our new handbook, Values-in-Action: Igniting Passion and Purpose in Sport Organizations, was published just over five months ago. To date we have sold … [Read more...]

The Accidental Leader … Why Sport Organizations Need to Pay Attention to a Growing Gap

Carleton business professor Linda Druxbury researches and writes about the pending shortage of a skilled workforce. She puts it quite clearly … with … [Read more...]

Risk Management Questions for Directors

Melanie Herman, of the Nonprofit Risk Manager Center, recently published her RISK eNewsletter and I wanted to share a great little excerpt. I hope you … [Read more...]

Sport Law & Strategy Group Now Offers Integral Coaching Services

We are pleased to announce that one of our partners, Dina Bell-Laroche, has successfully completed an intensive 5 month executive coaching program … [Read more...]

Thoughts on Leadership

In December 2011, I was appointed a True Sport Fellow by the True Sport Foundation. The Foundation is committed to ensuring that sport makes a … [Read more...]

Risk Management Update

This post provides an update on some exciting risk management initiatives that have occurred over the past year. Risk Management Impact on … [Read more...]

Flying High… What Sport Leaders Can Learn from a Canadian Success Story

My colleagues and I have been thinking a lot about what it takes to create a high performing sport organization. Traditionally, assumptions were made … [Read more...]

Dina Bell-Laroche appointed True Sport Fellow

The True Sport Foundation announced today that Dina Bell-Laroche has been named the second ever True Sport Fellow.  The first True Sport Fellow was … [Read more...]

Authentic Leadership – Tips for Becoming the Leader You Want to Be

Becoming a leader that others look up to is a goal worth pursuing. Authentic leadership is a form of leadership that transforms people, organizations, … [Read more...]

Sport Leaders For Life? Supporting the Development of Individuals Working in Sport

One of our collective objectives is to enhance the capacity of sport professionals and volunteers so that they can handle recurring issues, challenges … [Read more...]

Embracing Risks – How Values-Based Decisions Can Help Sport Leaders Take Risks and Uncover Possibilities

Sport is full of risks. This we know well. We expect coaches and athletes to take risks daily in pursuit of performance excellence, and yet more often … [Read more...]

Renewal … It’s Not Just the Sport Policy That Needs It!

Some of you may be aware that we are undergoing a renewal of the Canadian Sport Policy (CSP). Fondly spoken of as CSP 2.0, this renewal process has … [Read more...]

Are We Ready to Lead from Behind?

As sport management consultants, it is our responsibility to scour the literature to translate latest trends into meaningful knowledge for our … [Read more...]

The Role of Values in the Performance of National Sport Organizations

There are countless articles, research, and management books that suggest the positive impact of having a set of enduring values is well understood … [Read more...]

Values … Let’s Get Personal

We have written here before about the role that values can play in helping organizations improve their performance. But I am inspired to blog about a … [Read more...]

Strategic Planning – A Better Way for Sport Leaders

Recently, I have come across a number of interesting articles (both research-based and mainstream) that might be of interest to those leading … [Read more...]

Living Your Organization’s Values

Recently, I held a workshop at Skate Canada’s Annual Congress and General Meeting in Toronto and shared my views on how sport organizations can … [Read more...]

Risk Management Guide for Community Sport Organizations

This guide is intended to help volunteers and staff of local sport organizations make better decisions. Designed for leaders, administrators and … [Read more...]

Moving from Values Inaction to Values-in-Action: An Exploration of How Values Can be Managed Intentionally by National Sport Organizations (NSOs)

The study examined the intentional use of NSOs' stated values. Positive Organizational Scholarship (POS) was applied to an Appreciative Inquiry … [Read more...]

Intentionally Managing Your Organizational Values

Over the past 18 months, I have been working towards my Master's Degree in the Applied Health Sciences (Sport Management) at Brock University.  I am  … [Read more...]

Linking Sport4Life with Management by Values: How Values Can Improve the Performance of Sport Organizations

A force for good – that is what most not-for-profit sport organizations set out to become. For that very reason, sport often attracts dynamic, … [Read more...]

Tapping the Performance Potential of Your Organization’s Values

Organizational values are often described as the glue that connects your mission to your vision. What we know to be true, however, is that in the … [Read more...]

Risk Management Revisited … or, Values Matter

We started writing this column 15 years ago. Our inaugural column was titled ‘personal risk management’. Written in 1994, we compared the then-new … [Read more...]

Management by Values

The time has never been better for sport organizations to consider the important role of values in their mandate and activities, and the contribution … [Read more...]