Our Team

DinaProf14Dina Bell-Laroche, BJ, MA, Integral Master Coach™

Dina has been working in sport since 1991 with a number of organizations including the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport, the Canadian Olympic Committee, the True Sport Foundation, and various NSOs. Dina is well-known for her ability to manage large-scale social change initiatives to help organizations communicate more effectively including strategic planning and governance reforms. Dina has a Master’s degree in Applied Health Sciences (Sport Management) from Brock University where she explored how organizational values can lead to sustainable results and a strengthened culture. An Integral Master Coach, Dina is known for her inclusive and empathetic facilitation and coaching skills, helping to support transformational growth in sport leaders.  See: Dina’s writings and Full Biography.  Contact Dina: dbl@sportlaw.ca


Steven J. Indig, BRec, LLB

Steve is a lawyer and was formerly a certified sports agent. Steve has worked with over 650 national, provincial and local sport organizations providing consulting and legal services relating to governance, employment, contracts, policies, disputes, and privacy. In addition, he has acted as a mediator and adjudicator. Steve has significant first-hand knowledge of sport from competitive swimming at the national level, coaching, and refereeing..  See: Steve’s writings and Full Biography. Contact Steve: sji@sportlaw.ca

Rachel Corbett, BA, MEDes

Rachel Corbett is a co-founder of the Sport Law & Strategy Group. She helps sport organizations manage change by providing consulting services in governance, research, planning, policy development and risk management. Since 2014 Rachel has been a full-time Lecturer in the Sport Management program at Brock University. She is also a part-time Doping Control Officer under the Canadian Anti Doping Program. Rachel is well-known for her ability to write and speak clearly about complex topics.  See: Rachel’s writings and Full Biography. Contact Rachel: rmc@sportlaw.ca

LeeAnn Cupidio, LLB

LeeAnn is a lawyer based in Toronto. Seeking greater flexibility and variety in her career, she began working with the Sport Law & Strategy Group in 2010. She enjoys the research and discovery involved in helping clients to resolve their issues, legal or otherwise. LeeAnn has served as an investigator, mediator, adjudicator and counsel in sport-related disputes, and acts as a case manager to sport organizations who choose to outsource their dispute management. Like Steve, LeeAnn has worked with all levels of sport, providing consulting services related to governance, employment, contracts, policies and legislative compliance.  See: LeeAnn’s writings and Full Biography.  Contact LeeAnn:  llc@sportlaw.ca

Kathy headshot  Katharine Hare, BAdmin   

Kathy began her career as a self-employed financial administrator for a variety of clients including lawyers, charities, not for profit organizations, NSOs and MSOs. She spent over 10 years working with Commonwealth Games Canada and Motivate Canada to develop and deliver sport programs which serve to address broader social issues.  With an extensive background in financial and human resource management, organizational operations, program planning and management, and proposal development, Kathy has been instrumental in developing and managing multiple large scale national and international programs.  A business graduate of the University of Ottawa, Kathy is a respected sport administrator well-known for her ability to create efficient and effective systems and processes. See Kathy’s writings and Full Biography. Contact Kathy: keh@sportlaw.ca

  Kevin Lawrie, BSM, MA, BEd

Kevin works with the Sport Law & Strategy Group in a research, analysis, dispute resolution, and policy writing capacity. A Master’s graduate from Brock University, Kevin’s research investigated social media communication in the coach-athlete relationship in team sport settings. Kevin is a careful editor and values consistency and fairness. Kevin is an NCCP Level III certified coach and also has a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Toronto.  See: Kevin’s writings and Full Biography. Contact Kevin:  krl@sportlaw.ca


Jason Robinson, BHK  

Jason is a seasoned sport executive who specializes in sponsorship and event risk management, and who also offers strategic services in planning, communications and governance. He is well-known for hosting world-class events with a strong focus on the finest attention to detail and the athlete experience. These events have included municipal, provincial, national, and international championships. Jason has also assisted organizations in developing and enhancing successful marketing plans, fundraising initiatives, and strategic partnerships. A sport management (honours) graduate from the University of Windsor, Jason has a competitive sport background and is known for his leadership skills both on the field of play and in the board room. See: Jason’s writings and Full Biography. Contact Jason: jer@sportlaw.ca and follow him on Twitter @sportarchitect

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